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Meet the Cats!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Meet the stars of the CAT category in my shop! 

I can't own a cat myself, because we live in an apartment, but I have had many cats in the past and I loved to watch them.  Each had their own personality. I also love drawing cats, so I thought I would turn some of my designs into hand carved rubber stamps, so they can be enjoyed and printed by all the other cat enthusiasts out there.  I plan to add more, but these are the first 5 designs so I thought I would give them their spotlight before the category becomes crowded with all sorts of different felines.  If you are not into cats, don't worry, I will be adding many more animals, including hamsters (my daughter just got two so I have the perfect models to copy from!).  If you want to see our very cute hamsters, join me on instagram (@miraculous.mosquito) where I often post about them.  I have heaps of different categories of hand carved stamps in my shop, including nature, people, animals, decorative, every day objects, and much more!  You can check them all out here.  Enjoy!

Happy Creating!


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